Autumn Traditions

warm autumn image with book, cocoa, sweater, and fall leaves

Fall brings with it many traditions. Whether finding one’s way through a corn maze, going on a hayride, or savoring a slice of homemade pumpkin pie, autumn takes us back to home and family. No doubt, you can recall several fun and even unusual memories from this time of year. During a Halloween scavenger hunt in Ohio, one of our team’s clues was to find “seven foxes in a row”. Our search took us to an old graveyard where seven brothers, with the last name of Fox, lay with their tombstones all in a row. Most of them died around the time of the Civil War. The next clue, behind the last tombstone, sent us on our way.
Take a moment to go back in time and recall a fall memory. Perhaps even begin a new fall tradition with friends and family. This year I’ll give thanks for wonderful friends, old and new, and visit the family I love. Reading and having work to do that I care about–writing, makes life worth living during any season.

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