Romancing the Tropics

Cover of Romancing the Tropics shows a heart in the sand with tropical flowers

Be swept away to enchanting tropical locales in these thirteen love stories filled with sweet romance. Travel from 1904 to the present as couples find their happily ever after in romantic locales like Miami, the Caribbean, and a romantic Island Kingdom.

Escape for an hour—or a day—to worlds where love, action, adventure, humor, and warmth combine in classic tales of enemies becoming lovers, marriages of convenience turning into more, and second chances proving it’s never too late for love.

Here’s what inside:

The Cowboy and the Island Girl by Gloria Ferguson. Will a modern-day cowboy’s offer to buy an Aruban girl’s tour business end with a love merger instead?

Spellbound in the Caribbean by Lia Davis. Freelance artist and witch, Kiera is sent to a remote tropical island by her coven to investigate a supernatural murder and discovers the power of love.

Spelled for Survivor by Melody Johnson. With a fifty-thousand-dollar grand prize on the line, the final two contestants of a reality survival TV show must battle their hearts as well as the elements when they discover that the magic between them might be more valuable than anything money could buy.

The Widow’s Dilemma in Cuba by L.J. Green. 1904. A widow ventures to the tropical paradise of Cuba for a vacation with her niece. Reunited with a former friend of her husband’s, her heart gets involved. Will she get a second chance at love?

The Florida Keys by V.L. Czerny. 1908. On an adventure to tropical Florida, blindly confident Elsie oversteps thresholds—exposing answers to the unsolved riddles of her heart.

Secret Island by Maggie FitzRoy. 1924. A spunky gal reporter falls for a mysterious bootlegger while chasing a story on a dangerous island.

The Past and the Present Collide in Paradise by Sara Walker. 1979. A couple gets their second chance at happiness in the ash of a volcano on the Isle of Barbados.

The Poet and The Predictor by Merrie Angel. 1996. Related to royalty, poet Jessica Spencer decides to break society’s rules, save the world, and find adventure on the island of Bonaire with a mysterious indigenous scientist, Roman. 

Ocean Tides and Love Vibes by Laura E. Salas. He goes to work on a yacht hoping to escape his failures, only to find himself living in close quarters with the love of his life, the one whose heart he foolishly broke ten years ago.

A Donkey Named Cleo by M.J. Gates. A woman starts a second career as a veterinarian in the Virgin Islands where a donkey helps her find herself and love.

Baubles in Bermuda by Vickey Wollan. An adventurous treasure hunter in Bermuda finds more than a handful of jewels.

Love in the Conch Republic, by Leah Miles. In the Conch Republic, a long-lost son returns for his legacy and ends up with the gift of love.

The Prince Takes a Bride By Kelle Z Riley. A modern-day marriage of convenience on a romantic Island Kingdom leads to love.

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